Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą

Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą


Bird snacks

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Bird snacks

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As natural food supply for the birds decreases, many species will become rare.”
„Birds are very busy during spring. First they must find a partner, then a living space, lay eggs and raise their young. During summer they moult and get a new coat. In the fall they prepare for winter and during winter they need more fat to keep themselves at the right temperature. Birds can lose 10% of their body weight during a cold night. ”
„These bird snacks contain a high percentage protein and can be used throughout the year.”

„- can be fed from bird tables, silo feeders and the ground”
„- recyclable paper box”
„- with spout”
„- resealable”
„- window made of PLA | 100% biobased plastic”
„- easy to stock in display or shelf

Waga 0.53 kg
Wymiary 5.5 × 10.7 × 17 cm

Cereal grains and their by-products, genetically modified soybean meal, feed chalk, feed phosphate, feed fats, synthetic amino acids, salt, feed enzymes, mineral and vitamin premix.


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