Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą

Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą


Insect hotel M

EAN: 8714982183720

This insect hotel offers several species a home

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Insects undertake many jobs in our gardens. They pollinate plants and act as a natural pest controller and as such are an important part of ecological gardening. With this insect hotel you can offer several species at the same time the opportunity to nest and hibernate. The habitats of many species of insects are threatened by changes to their environment and this is a way of helping to protect them. The red compartment at the bottom allows protection and housing to green lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs. They are all real pest controllers and eat aphids and spider mites. Fill the compartment behind with fine wheat straw to give these animals a place to hibernate. Bees look for shelter in hollow sticks. Each prefers a different diameter. It is recommended to clean the bamboo straws with the included brush before hanging the insect hotel. Bees like „straight” gaits.

„- for bees, ladybugs and other species”
„- for nesting and hibernation”
„- cleaning brush included”

Waga 1.102 kg
Wymiary 14.3 × 17.7 × 29.4 cm

Pine wood, Zinc, Bamboo