Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą

Hurtownia B2B produktów ogrodniczych i związanych z przyrodą


Diapositive bee house

EAN: 8714982190704

This bee house has a cheerful coloured roof with diapositive silhoutte

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Besides the honey bee, Europe has hundreds of other bee species. These bees are very important in the pollination of flowers and plants. Whether you have wild plants, food crops, fruit trees or ornamental plants in the garden, 80% of these rely on insects for their fruit and seed formation. Many species are endangered due to the decline in flora and nesting facilities. This bee house is equipped with three wooden stacking trays which can be opened for inspection or cleaning. The hole sizes will attract solitary bees so that various types can nest here. ”

„- coloured roof with silhouette”
„- keyhole slot”
„- packed with a booklet”
„- with 3 stacking trays”
„- water based wood stain ”
„- FSC certified wood”
„- made in Europe

Waga 0.852 kg
Wymiary 11.9 × 15 × 20.1 cm